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  • Sensuel - bâton obsidienne | Secrets de Shakti
  • Sensuel - bâton obsidienne | Secrets de Shakti
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<transcy>Sensual - obsidian wand</transcy>

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The Shakti sticks allow an active exploration of the body and pleasure (where the practice of the egg is a rather passive practice). The sticks allow you to apprehend alone or in pairs the masculine and phallic dimension of sexuality in complete safety. Their surface is totally polished and soft to the touch, there is no risk of injury.

The small sticks can be used with vegetable oil as a massage tool for the whole body (alone or in pairs), they allow muscle relaxation conducive to the awakening of sexual energy. They are also ideal for clitoral massages and allow the use of natural tools with multiple properties of the stones used.

Sticks are durable items that can be used for a lifetime! They must not be thrown on the ground so as not to damage them.

Obsidian Staffs are much less "confrontational" than Eggs. They awaken a "wild" and animalistic sexuality and desire; they are also very effective in stimulating blood circulation for women who need a long time to find a physical state of arousal.

Length 10cm S shape