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  • Anahata - plug quartz rose | Secrets de Shakti
  • Anahata - plug quartz rose | Secrets de Shakti
  • Anahata - plug quartz rose | Secrets de Shakti
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Anahata - rose quartz plug

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Anahata is a 10cm butt plug. Featuring two rounded bearings, this stick allows for a smooth, gradual, and serene exploration of anal pleasure. Ideal for beginners, experienced riders will also find an ideal companion for maximum sensations. Its round tip makes it easy to wear. Ideal for also creating a peaceful relationship with anal pleasure.

The Shakti sticks allow an active exploration of the body and pleasure (where the practice of the egg is a rather passive practice). The sticks allow you to apprehend alone or in pairs the masculine and phallic dimension of sexuality in complete safety. Their surface is fully polished and soft to the touch, there is no risk of injury.

Sticks are durable items that can be used for a lifetime! They must not be thrown on the ground so as not to damage them.

    The large sticks can be used alone or in pairs as a replacement for classic "sex toys". They can be heated or cooled. They must be cleaned with mild soap between each use and stored in the pouch in which you received them. We advise you to use lubricant when using them for more comfort.

    A stone of unconditional love and peace, rose quartz is the most important crystal for heart chakra healing. Rose quartz increases receptivity and attracts love. Rose Quartz is a subtle emotional healer and soothes internalized pain. Rose Quartz teaches us to love ourselves, encourages us to forgive and accept ourselves. Excellent for trauma and/or moments of crisis, rose quartz acts as a rescue remedy, reassuring and soothing.

    Length 10cm