My encounter with the Yoni Egg took place 3 years ago now. Having rather painful menstruation with a significant PMS, I had chosen the Carnelian egg, the stone of the woman par excellence. I had taken my time to study the benefits of each stone, and I like to say that Carnelian chose me. After a short period of taming between my egg and me, I quickly saw beneficial effects: less cramps, more vitality, better lubrication (before using the egg I was not aware that I missing!), increased libido, reconnection to my creativity… to name a few! The Yoni egg is for me a must to take care of us ❤ - Pauline

Hello everyone – and to all the curious people whom I warmly greet – my name is Marie, I'm 27 years old. My practice of yoni eggs started in April 2020 following a video by Christelle testifying to her own experience. In search of myself at the same time, the internal lithotherapy approach particularly appealed to me, more than the virtues relating to the strengthening of the vaginal muscles. However, I now perceive this practice, which I was skeptical of, as something incredible. Suffering for years from vaginal pain occurring during the insertion of the cup or sexual intercourse, I no longer experience any unpleasant sensations during penetrations. In addition, the pain experienced on the approach and during menstruation was reduced to half a day on the first day of the cycle. Finally, although I never thought I would have problems with vaginal dryness, I noticed very quickly after the start of the practice, an exceptional natural lubrication.
I started out using a medium sized jade drilled egg out of affinity with this stone. However, I have never used a wire during my practice, the egg descending by itself once its work has been done - be careful, however, of the expulsion into the bowl which can happen by surprise... I then tested an egg with the same characteristics as the previous one but in red jasper. The effect of this egg was beyond my expectations since being insomniac and very agitated in the evening, I felt calm on contact with it. It has a relaxing effect that makes me feel serene unlike the jade one which, when necessary, disturbs my thoughts. It allows me to apprehend the moments when my body and my soul do not feel well since apart from these moments, its presence does not arouse any sensations other than physical.
This experience that I have been living for five months now allows me to apprehend my body, and by extension my femininity, differently. The egg played the role of mediator allowing me to understand that my body was my friend and therefore deserved my attention. I now have a sharing relationship with him. By touching him I do him good and he gives me back by giving me pleasure. I therefore wish you all to meet this friend who, over time, will undoubtedly become your best lover.