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Anal pleasure: 8 tips to let go of fears and taboos

The toxic egregore around anal sex

Anal sex for women is steeped in porn culture.

"You should practice anal to satisfy a male partner..."

The practice, or just its evocation, awakens in many women the wounds of patriarchy and the objectification of the female body.

His evocation, far from ecstatic pleasure, inspires distrust and fear.

However, the female body is really "wired" to experience anal orgasm!

Anal pleasure for women

We don't always know it, but the anus is one of the most erogenous zones of the body. Indeed, the anal area is particularly innervated, and the very sensitive internal nerve endings make it possible to feel the back and forth movements with precision.

Whether through external or internal stimulation, it is completely possible to achieve orgasm through anal stimulation.

Pleasing your partner yes, but putting your own well-being at the center

Anal penetration offers very intense sensations to a male partner. The anus being tighter than the vagina, his penis is strongly stimulated during anal penetration. Sodomy therefore has the power to propel your partner... to 7th heaven.

Anal sex isn't inherently degrading. The limits of consent also apply to anal practice. Toxic and sexually degrading male behavior NEVER has a place in a conscious relationship. The key to female anal pleasure is clear communication before, during and after anal practice.

What setting for ecstatic anal penetration?

If you're curious to try (or try again) anal penetration, here are our 8 tips for a successful setting:

  1. Only practice if you feel curious/open.The girlish phase of the female cycle (right after menstruation) is conducive to exploration and novelty, for example.

  2. Only practice if you feel good with your partner. Underlying marital tensions can easily add fuel to the fire of your fears. Launch into a moment where you feel confident with each other.

  3. Talk about your curiosity and your fears well in advance. Talking about sexuality with your partner is important throughout the relationship. Bring up the topic outside of sex (or right after it). Explain what you would like to discover and clearly explain to your partner what you expect from him! Communication, gentleness, love, comfort... Your temple is sacred and you can explain your needs!

  4. Perform an enema. Many women are anxious about not being clean for this practice. You can get a small anal bulb and do a small enema with warm water - even a few hours before. You will feel much more confident with your body and will be reassured. And presto, one less anxiety! Consider using lubricant or coconut oil for your enema to make it comfortable.

  5. Practice alone. The secret to female pleasure lies in a woman's exploration of her own body!
    There really is no other magic
    Arm yourself with lube or coconut oil, grab one of our quartz or obsidian anal plugs and create your esp
    sacred practice ace. Take the time, relax, don't put pressure on yourself. Be curious...anal pleasure is available to all! Solo practice is all the more important if you have had bad experiences with a partner in the past. Rose quartz will be your best ally to let go of the trauma associated with anal sex.

  6. Follow a preparation protocol. The female body needs time to build excitement... And your anus needs time and lubricant to be perfectly available for pleasure! Respect 5 to 10 minutes of progressive dilation (with a finger and/or a plug), use plenty of lubricant - you don't have natural lubrication in this region of the body, so it's essential!!!
  7. Stop if it hurts. No, anal sex doesn't have to hurt. You may not be dilated or relaxed enough, you may be psychologically tense... But in the end it doesn't matter, if it's not the right alignment of the planets, don't force it.

  8. Love above all!It's time to create a reassuring bubble of intimacy with your partner. A powerful experience for both of you.

And above all, communicate well with your partner during and after too :)


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