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The benefits of Yoni massage

The "Yoni massage" is a technique used in traditional Tantra. Generally provided by a tantric master (with all the excesses that this may entail), the Yoni massage is nevertheless an extremely beneficial ritual for a woman. By knowing the basics of the Yoni massage, it is quite possible to practice it alone or with your partner.

The benefits of Yoni massage

While we don't even think before massaging our necks after a hard day in front of the screens, the same is not true of our Yoni! However, this region of the female anatomy also suffers from tensions of all kinds! The muscles of the perineum, like all muscles in the body, can become "tense" due to stress and other factors (sexual trauma and repressed emotions for example).

Pain may be present on penetration, a feeling of tension, an increase in menstrual cramps, also the feeling of not being able to completely empty the bladder...

But above all, our Yoni, like all the muscles in our body, needs rest and relaxation. The mind will also be soothed!

How to practice the Yoni massage at home

You don't need to be an expert, or necessarily ask your spouse for help to perform your own Yoni massage.

This is a very gentle Yin practice that requires a warm, gentle and slow setting to get the most out of this practice.

Traditionally this massage is given with the fingers, however, as it is more difficult for a woman to perform it herself, sticks can be used.

Small Yoni sticks are best suited for this practice. They are minimally invasive, neither too long nor too thick, so they allow a gentle massage of the walls of the vagina. They are soft, easy to handle, and suitable for all Yoni morphologies.

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Ritual Setup

  1. After taking a hot shower or a bath to relax, a warm setting is in order: scented candles, soft music, duvet and warm socks... the important thing is to feel relaxed and in a reassuring environment. It is also necessary to have time and not to be disturbed.

  2. You can run your stick under hot water before using it so that the use is more pleasant from the start. To facilitate penetration, you can use the stick with lubricant or coconut oil and start with a massage of the clitoris.

  3. When you feel ready you can start the internal massage. Start by letting the stick go in without trying to force (especially no pain!). You can go back and forth a bit to get used to it and collect your feelings. This is also the time to become aware of muscular tension in the pelvis, buttocks or thighs... and to relax quietly. If necessary, take 3 deep breaths in order to relax more deeply.

  4. It's time to start the massage practice. With the thicker end first, gently massage the walls of the vagina: you can make circles, massage from top to bottom by tilting the stick... Massage more intensively the areas that seem tense or insensitive (without going into pain!). Once a first pass of 5 to 8 minutes, you can move on to the thinnest end for a more precise massage.

  5. The Yoni gorges on blood thanks to the massage, relaxation gradually sets in. Excitement can be part of it but is not mandatory, it is above all a gesture of well-being without any particular orgasmic aim

  6. Do this massage in case of pre-menstrual syndrome, in case of stress or even emotional tension. The massage lasts 15 to 20 minutes and can be repeated several times in a week depending on the need and desire.

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