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Are you a feminist in your sexuality? - 4 questions to ask yourself

This week, a little manifesto of feminist sexuality. To ask yourself questions, to take a step back from your habits, or simply to give yourself the right to something else under the sheets :)

1. You assume your sexual desire

Assuming to be a Desiring Being, having the right to pleasure of course... but also having the right to DESIRE.

Do you dare to say loud and clear to your intimate partners (and to yourself too) "I want SEX!" ?

Are you afraid of rejection? Are you afraid of your "drive" parts? Are you afraid of being assaulted if you allow yourself to emanate your desire?

2. You love your body

None of us on Earth (or almost) are professional Brazilian models...

And that's good, neither are our partners...

FREE sexuality is played out in inner FREEDOM.

Dare to look at your blockages and fears related to your appearance. What would happen if you dared to give a fuck once under the sheets? How would you feel about yourself? How would your sexuality be different?

3. You are the initiator

In Tantra... it is the role of the Woman to initiate the Man! Yes I know, it's weird... so used to delegating your pleasure to your partner, isn't it?!

Initiate a space of Intimacy, communicate about your desires, lead the dance, set the frame... to let it quietly reverse the trend once open and safe.

Another way to see your sexuality, isn't it?! Don't worry, it did the same for us :) That's why we added tantra training for women

4. Your partner is your ally

The objectification of women is so entrenched that even in couples so many women automatically put themselves in the position of a desirable object. This posture, in addition to being degrading, makes our partners the only masters on board. As a result, when things are not going well, resentment comes very quickly... and we close ourselves off from our partners.

Starting by considering each other as allies and on a completely equal footing in bed, we open up communication. Each partner is 50% responsible for the Privacy. We talk together, we do it for both... we get out of a sexuality "to please him", "to have peace" etc!

So where are you in your embodiment of the Free Feminine?

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