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From sexual drive to tantric ecstasy

Tantra is the art of sublimating instinctual sexual energy. From this primitive and animal impulse... to emotional and spiritual ecstasy. The sexual energy is refined, sublimated and conscious. From drive to ecstasy, it is the path from the conscious to the unconscious, it is to take the step of moving from evanescent pleasure to a deeply regenerating ecstatic practice for all the senses.

The art of enhancing the senses

The pleasures of the senses are not bad in themselves, on the contrary, nevertheless our ignorance leads us all at some point to confuse immediate pleasures and true happiness.

Sensory excesses lead us straight to illusion, moksha in Sanskrit.

The sex drive is natural and healthy in the sense that it is programming for the survival of the species. This is the most animal level of our desire.

The sexual drive is also a signal of a desire for intimacy and communion.

The art of tantric intimacy

The spiritual and energetic practice of Tantra consists in bringing the sexual energy "up" from the first chakra - root chakra - to the seventh chakra - crown chakra.

The sexual drive is therefore circulated throughout the body: from physical excitement felt in the sexual organs to an energetic ecstasy, a feeling of deep happiness - the famous Nirvana.

In concrete terms, it's about gradually awakening your seven chakras during the awakening of the sexual drive:

  1. where the first level will be "I feel aroused I will masturbate and release the tension"

  2. the second level will be "I feel the excitement and become aware of my current emotional state"

  3. the third will be "I make love to myself, I make love to the other, I make love in a respectful setting"

  4. the fourth will be "I open myself to Love in sex"

  5. the fifth will be "I communicate, I free my voice, I verbalize"

  6. the sixth will be "I free myself from the illusions of space and time"

  7. the seventh and last will be 'I free myself from the illusion of individuality and merge with the Whole'.

Each of its stages can be experienced independently of the others. The experience of tantric ecstasy occurs when all the chakras are activated by the sexual energy which then circulates throughout the body.

Prerequisites for tantric experience

No, we just can't have this experience of ecstasy every time our sexual energy awakens. Nevertheless, there are prerequisites that facilitate the experience.

  • Intimacy with your partner (or yourself)

  • Emotional safety with your partner (and yourself)

  • Relaxation in tension: that is to say taking the time to awaken and circulate the sexual energy throughout the body.

  • Communication (listening to each other)

And here is an explanatory video to go further:

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