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How to use Yoni sticks?

Yoni Wands, Yoni Wands or Shakti Wands - as we call them at Shakti Secrets - their use is on the rise!

Of all sizes and shapes, these pleasure sticks are in turn made of rose quartz, obsidian, tiger's eye, etc.

The 2.0 sex toy for the conscious feminine

Many women still show their lack of love for conventional sex toys today. In question: the material - unpleasant and/or non-durable -, the look that is too "porno chic", a very yang marketing especially intended to please men...

Shakti sticks are the increasingly adopted female alternative in female-conscious circles around the world.

Durable, made of noble materials and litho-therapeutic properties, they are soft and much more reassuring than conventional sex toys.

A Shakti stick lasts a lifetime making it sacred items in a woman's wellness routine. Companions in the exploration of pleasure, of healing, of manifestation rituals, their use has become established today as a practice brought about by women for women.

A female tantric awakening tool

Yoni sticks are tools for awakening female sexuality. They allow a approach to personal and reassuring penetration. The sticks allow you to connect to her clitoris, but also her G and A points. Slowly, each at their own pace.

Tantric awakening is not about orgasm, it is a practice of loving yourself. Rods are tools to release blocked emotions in your Yoni, for example due to abuse, bereavement, emotional shock, etc. The female matrix stores a lot of emotional information and the practice of the Yoni massage with the sticks allows these emotions to be released gently.

Using sticks also helps to physically relax a woman's body. The best way to use them is to plan for at least 1 hour at the beginning so that you don't feel pressed for time. You can use coconut oil or another natural lubricant. By running the stick under slightly warm water the relaxation will also be easier. It is not a question of mimicking a penetration as with a partner for example, but rather of indulging in your sensations without expectations . Being present to yourself in the present moment is one of the great principles of tantra: don't seek anything, be open to what your body will ask for at the time.

For joyful and liberated sexuality

Above all, smile! You reconnect deeply to yourself, it's a joyful act of love! Let go of all your shame, guilt, fear of female sexuality. Pleasure makes women beautiful and fulfilled!

To choose your ideal club

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