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How to gain confidence in bed as a woman

When a woman does not feel confident in bed she experiences: fears and complexes about the appearance of her body, she is afraid to fully explore her pleasure, she is afraid to express what she feels really to her partner so as not to annoy or upset him, she is lost in her thoughts and absent from what she is experiencing with her partner...

Lack of confidence in the bedroom is not inevitable!

Confidence and pleasure are connected

Orgasm is a wave that comes from letting go and deep relaxation. The incessant thoughts and fears associated with sex create enormous physical, emotional and mental tension.

Achieving tantric ecstasy requires a path of healing from wounds and self-sabotage in the Intimacy of the body.

The more a woman feels beautiful, desired and desirable, free in her sexuality and in her body... the more easily she achieves pleasure!

Body, my love

The main concerns of women concern their physical appearance. Whether it's a bulge, cellulite, or simply not having a "perfect" body, women are conditioned to be afraid of their appearance.

The underlying fear is that of not being desirable when she is vulnerable, naked, ready to share herself with the Other. Fear is that of rejection, ridicule or even humiliation...

These fears send us back to episodes from the traumatic past, whether in childhood or with a toxic partner. However, as long as a woman lets these fears have a place in her intimacy, she self-sabotages.

Men are certainly very visual, but above all, they are very generally amazed by a woman's body, whether she is a 36 or a 44. And surprise... a certain number of them also have complexes! No one is perfect :)

Fake it until you make it

Trust, when you don't have it, you don't know how to go about it... So you act "as if".

The first thing to do is simply dare to act like a confident woman. To dare to wildly take off your clothes in full light. To dare to take over his partner like an amazon! Say "fuck" to complexes or worries.

Sexual intimacy is a place of emotional alchemy: that is to say that making love really has the power either to anchor emotional pain... or to release it completely. It is the power of sublimation of the sexual energy.

The more a woman chooses to give herself freedom in her sex life, the more she allows this life energy to flow through her... and allow her to gain confidence :)

Another vision of sexiness

Being sexy is really "charging" for a woman. However, a very large number of women are afraid of becoming sexual objects by connecting to their natural sexual aura.

The fear of being a whore, the fear of being diminished, disrespected... or even the imprints of a puritan education where sexuality was condemned.

Social networks constantly send us the image that sex sells and many people get lost in a black & white idea: either the sexiness of social networks or simply nothing. Sad no?

The sensuality of a woman is not a ready-made image to be comforted. A woman's sensuality emanates from her individual sexual energy: it's up to us to love and accept our sensuality to let it shine:) Some feel deadly sexy in little white panties, others in total latex domina look . All women in the world have the right to exist and will always be sexy.

In short... Stop prejudice and long live freedom :)

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