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The 3 Taoist Gates of the Female Orgasm

The multi-orgasmic potential is innate in women. It is the ability to be able to trigger multiple orgasms during the same intercourse (with or without a partner). There are three physical gates through which these multiple orgasms can be triggered.

The 3 gates to the female orgasm

The physical gates to the female orgasm are:

1) The clitoris part of which is visible. It measures between 8 and 10 cm and with its 8000 nerve endings on average the only function of this organ is pleasure!

2) The G-spot, located at one phalanx at the entrance of the vagina. It is recognized by its texture resembling the shell of a walnut. It swells slightly under the effect of excitement. Its stimulation can make you feel like you need to urinate.

3) Point A, located at the bottom of the vagina, is very sensitive and can be painful if not approached correctly. Awakened correctly, point A allows you to experience overwhelming tantric orgasms.

Clitoris, G-spot and A-spot

3 doors and multiple types of orgasms

The female body is designed for pleasure. The nerve endings in the female genitalia are more numerous than in the male, which means that the female has a very high sensitivity that allows her to to achieve orgasm.
What we may know is that there are already several types of orgasms that can be felt and experienced differently depending on the physical door activated in the woman's body .
Orgasm can be experienced and described in different ways: an explosion, a contraction, a wave, a feeling of warmth that invades the body, deep relaxation, a feeling of love and unity, tears...etc.
Many women seek the "explosive" orgasm and cut themselves off from more subtle sensations such as "waves".

How to Trigger the Three Gates to Orgasm

According to the Taoist tradition described by the author Mantak Chia (cf. The multiorgasmic woman) the three doors must be opened one after the other.

To open the female body to orgasm and multiple orgasms the woman must feel: confidence, presence and only after the rise of sexual energy.

Each woman can experience different orgasms on each of her doors during the same intercourse.

  1. The clitoris is the first door because it is accessible "from the outside". Its stimulation will trigger the flow of blood in the Yoni of the woman allowing it to relax and lubricate. It is a process that needs time and presence.
  2. Point G is the second gate as it is accessible at the entrance of the Woman's Yoni. It can be stimulated by internal caresses, with a curved Shakti stick, or by penetration. It is its stimulation which is at the origin of female ejaculation.
  3. Point A is the third gate as it is hidden at the bottom of the Yoni. Very sensitive, it is painful if the woman's body has not been relaxed by pleasure before accessing it. Point A triggers the "total" tantric orgasm connected to the heart chakra, an orgasm that can spread throughout the body. When point A is triggered, the lubrication of the Yoni is very abundant, the woman awakens all her multi-orgasmic potential. One can reach point A by penetration, the use of a Yoni egg or an 18cm Shakti stick.

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